Mizuno BE - Wear it everyday!

The newest addition to Mizuno line of shoes - the Mizuno Be - is  finally here!

"Wear them when you are not running, to improve performance when you are."

I'd been wearing my Mizuno Be for two days now and it's so comfortable. It perfectly  fit in me while I am still recovering from my ultra marathon last Sunday.

Mizuno Be is not a running shoe but  it's a perfect shoe for runners when not running. It delivers muscular benefits when walking around. It looks like a nice pair of casual shoe you know. Everyone can benefit by incorporating it into their training.

The Mizuno Be is a training shoe engineered to help strengthen and activate your lower leg and foot muscles to improve running performance. It is inspired by a Waraji - a sandals made from straw rope that were used in the past as standard footwear for the Samurai and the Feudal soldiers of Japan.

Traditionally, Waraji sandals are worn with the toes protruding over the edge. This way, body weight becomes supported by the ball of the foot. Fascinated by this design, Mizuno conducted a number of tests at its SOZO Engineering Division, a studio created for the purpose of achieving the maximum standard in shoe technologies.

Findings showed that protruding toes aid to stabilize the body. More importantly, the muscles of the feet and lower legs have the tendency to become more mobile and active.

 **Activation Insock - The Mizuno Be features an activation sock liner, which replicates the unique innovation of the Waraji Sandal. It allows the toes to move naturally up and down, and to curl and grip, which activates the muscles of the foot.

This activation helps to strengthen two main muscles across the base of the foot - the Flexor Digital Longus and the Flexor Hallucis Longus - providing wearers with more propulsive (toe off) strength which can help to improve running. Lastly, the natural oblique allows the toes to spread as if barefoot which helps to stabilize naturally.

**Dynamic Foot Counter - The Mizuno Be includes a unique heel construction that maximizes the amazing natural cushioning in your heel pad fat. A low profile molded EVA midsole offers protection and cushioning. The soft, synthetic suede upper provides added comfort and ventilation.
Mizuno BE

Mizuno Be is now available in all Mizuno Outlets here in the Philippines.
SRP: Php 3,995

BE Price list

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