Mary Gold dela Cruz (Goldy) is the name a.k.a. Precious Runner. I am a 20+ daughter from Santa Rosa City who works as an engineer in Telco and has a great love for cats, bags, shoes, pizza, pasta, chocolates, ice cream, nuts, teaching (part-time), writing, traveling, mountaineering and last but definitely not the least, running.

I'm engaged in running since May 2011. I finished 5km in Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run. Goldy ran for Goldilocks huh?! At first, I was so anxious if I might conquer that distance injury free. Well, I just let my feet do all the work. That moment, I don’t care if I am not the fastest runner in the road as long as I am not the slowest. I don’t even have any idea about the proper breathing, running form, mid foot strike either. But when I cross the finish line, I know it won't be the last. It doesn't end there. It's just the beginning of my so-called running career.

Running is a lot like life. I run with a dream in my heart. I run not to compete but to move forward and see the beauty of life that lies ahead. It really reminds me that I am strong and can go farther if I never stop. I’ve run 3kms, 5kms, 10kms, 16kms, 21kms, 24kms, 42kms, 50kms and I want more. My journey will never end. As long as there is road, I will go wherever my feet will take me.

I also experienced running along different trails. It's my dream to discover and see all the beauty that the nature could offer.

God gave me these two long legs for a reason. Come on! Run with me to know why. Let us run the race set before us and never give up. :)