Mizuno BE is Here!

BE Teaser
Last Thursday night, Mizuno launched one of their new addition in the world of sports - the Mizuno BE Shoes. Athletes and running bloggers were gathered at BMG Center Magallanes to discover what it could BE.

Noelle De Guzman or Kikay Runner, one of the Mizuno athletes, hosted the event.
Kikay Runner
-Kikay Runner on her BE Shoes-

Before we took a deeper look on the new Mizuno product, Coach Patrick Joson and  some of  Filipino runners who ran the Osaka Marathon last November 25 shared their experiences.
Coach Patrick Joson
-Coach Patrick with his BE Shoes on-

Coach Patrick with Pinoy participants of Osaka Marathon
-Pinoy runners who ran the Osaka Marathon-
Pinoy Marathoners
-They were so happy sharing about their marathon abroad-
Testimonials Page 1

Testimonials Page 2

They shared different stories, but one thing is sure,  all of them had fun. I hope next time, I will be also sent by Mizuno to run the Osaka Marathon. Whoa! =)

After we heard their experiences, Coach Patrick and Mam Jai Cortes of Mizuno talked about the BE.
BE Launch
Athletes and running bloggers witnessed a comprehensive presentation about this new product. There were also a considerable display of the actual shoe that would be available in the market.
-The Mizuno BE-
I am sure you too are excited to know more about the Mizuno BE. Let me just share to you the feature video.

More details will be available on a separate post here in my blog. Anyway, Mizuno BE is now available at all Mizuno Outlets. Check it out! :)


  1. Precious, another vote here for you to run the Osaka marathon next year! You're most deserving! Listen up, Mizuno! :)