The Expendababes at TBR Dream Team Run

The TBR Dream Team 21k Run which happened last November 17, 2012 at Nuvali was the first TBRDM Participants Reunion.

As expected, the event was well-organized. There were enough hydration along the route. Kilometer markers and portalets were positioned properly. The only thing that was noticeably lacking was post light that could lit dark areas since the gun had started as early as 430am.

Our Team Rock and Road registered 4 teams - Team Uwak (Allan, Dennis and Elvin), Team Moo (Riz, Joy and Jonard), Team Netoy (Daniel, Tope and Sir Ted) and our very own The Expendababes (Rox, Joyce, and me).

I arrived at the venue with only 10 minutes spare time since I woke up late. I was in a hurry to deposit my baggage and look for my teammates. The first 3 teams were already in the starting line while Joyce and Rox waited for me. We rush into the comfort room for a pee and dressed up on a camouflage. That was my first time to join a group and a costume run.

When we checked-in, other runners were already on the route for about 5 minutes. We were late in gun start but, anyway, it was not a PR run for us.

I was not used to running with someone by my side so I was challenged. I learned to control my pace to run with my teammates although at some parts we were not actually together. There were times that any of us were ahead but we still try to be together. When we saw a camera along the way, we never failed to smile. Oha! Podium kami sa picturan. =)

Under the sun!
-photo by Kingfisher-
We treated the whole race as a part of our training for our upcoming ultra marathon. We just did an LSD and enjoyed bumping with some running friends along the road. We really had fun and we'll definitely join again next time.
All smile up to the finish line!
-all smile to finish line-
The Expendababes meets Team Moo
-with Team Moo (photo by Jose R.)-
Again, congratulations to all the finishers and winners! Pardon for this late post since I'd been busy for the past weeks. 'Til the next reunion dreamers!

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