My April is so Full

I've been busy for the month of April and didn't got a chance to write about my weekend runs. But now, since I'm sitting in front of my computer and having a good time updating my blog, I will try to recall those runs. Sorry for this super late post. It's better late than never. From now on, I swear I would set aside some time for me to write about my races.

24km Salomon X-Trail Run
I won a free race kit from TBR's blog so I got a chance to run in Salomon X-Trail Run at Tagaytay Highlands last March 31. It was my first time to run in Tagaytay Highlands and experienced its trails. It was the toughest and most challenging race I'd run so far.
Race day, I woke up in the wee hours of morning to catch up with the Team USB and Jose. I waited for them near the Coca-Cola Plant and then were off to the venue.

When we arrived, it was so cold and foggy. It's good that we're so early, we had plenty of time for photo ops. And while waiting for the gun start, I chatted with some long-time-no-see running friends.

The route started with a short downhill on paved road. As usual, I started slow. I had a plan of conserving my energy then try to speed up at the middle until the pace that I can maintain up to the finish line. But all changed when we enter the trails. I had a rare chance to speed up because runners are in single pile plus I am not in the right shoes. Since it is unplanned race, I have no time to look for the best trail shoes so I decided to wear my old running shoes. It was my burden when we're in trails. Thanks to Jose for being with me the entire race.

Imagine! It took me almost 5 hours to cover 24 km. It's so close with my time running a marathon. It really proves that trails and roads are different. We spent most of our time running through the challenging trails, looking for vines, ropes or anyone’s hand when there's slippery slopes, or chatting and laughing about how slow we were going.

5km Green and White Run

Green and White Run after the very challenging 24k Salomon trail run yesterday. I have no plan to run after that tough course but I can't say no to free race. Thanks to Doc Minnie for the complimentary race bib. It was supposed to be my recovery run but God is really great because He made me ranked 3rd among female. All glory to him and thanks to my PF Family and OK OK Runners for the cheers/motivation while I'm running. Team Rock and Road missed to see me on stage this time, but what I'd got will always be for all of you guys.

OK-OK Chocobo Run in Km 0
It's nice to be back and hit the road after a week of no run. It was my Easter Sunday run last April 8. I always wanted to try new routes so I tried joining Ok-Ok runners in Km 0 even though it's not accessible in my case.

I originally planned to run with someone but since I didn't catch their group after my CR break, I decided to run with the other group (I think 1min faster than my planned pace). We covered 23 km in 2 hours and 39 minutes. Wow! I managed to run that far in spite of annoying smokes along side and under the scorching heat of the sun

Running is really fun especially if it's your lucky day. I won a new adidas cap in the raffle huh. Thanks Ok-Ok Runners.

5km Outbreak Manila
I missed running in Nuvali so when I was asked by Mr. PF if I wanted to run there, I said yes!

Last April 14, 25 waves, around 5000 runners tried the unusual, light trail run and obstacles along the route.Wait! There's more. There's a zombie outbreak along the way, may it be easy or horde way. Zombie outbreak on a summer huh! Will you run slow if you are chased by those zombies?! Rawr!

It took me 50 mins to finished 5km. We were gasping for breath when running away from zombies and trying to protect our flags so we may finished alive. It was really an exciting, thrilling and adventure-filled run with a little experience of Nuvali trails.

I couldn't wait for the next outbreak!

21km Earth Run
Last April 15, I tried to be someone's pacer. The first kilometer was quite good. But when we're in the 2nd km, his injury strikes so we started to walk until he regain the strength to run. We walked for a long time and ran under the scorching heat of the sun. We did intervals, wherever he is comfortable. We spent our time chatting and laughing on how slow we are. I don't care if we will finish last as long as we cross the finish line together.

We finished 21km in 2 hours and 57 minutes. NO PR for me. But when you run (and walk) with the person closes to your heart, time doesn’t really matter.

3km Natgeo Earth Day Run
I was lucky for the nth time. I got a free race kit again. Not just one, but two Natgeo Earth Day Run Kit (3km from Rod Runner and 21km from Kulit Runner).

I missed running short distances so I decided to run the 3km and hand over to someone the 21km race kit. I was worried if he can run this time after what happened in our last run. But thank God, He managed to finish his run.

I finished 3km in 16mins but I didn't beat my record due to hot weather and human traffic when 3k runners merge with 5k and 10k runners along the route.

10km Hyundai Fun Run for a Cause
Last April 29, almost 26,000 runners filled the Quirino Grandstand and took part on history of  the most anticipated Hyundai Fun Run for a Cause. There were 8 causes of  run. Whatever cause you would choose, I'm sure that there would be a group/foundation that would benefit from that. And I ran for youth development through sports.

I had a great time running with the Ok-Ok runners in the first kilometer (of course, who wouldn't enjoy a lot of photo ops and funny moments with them?). After that chika pace I  ran at my own pace until the finish line. It made me finished at 1:00:43.

Hyundai really made a history since it's for a cause yet it's free.

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