NUVALI - A Perfect Place so-called Home

Are you looking for a wonderful and scenic place where you can do most of the things you love to do?

Nuvali, a 1600-hectare piece of land, is the perfect place for you. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, just an hour or so drive from Manila. A joint venture of the Yulo Family and Ayala Land Inc., it aims to provide a healthier place for the next generation.
Most people go to Nuvali to enjoy the benefits of its recreational park. It has a man-made lake, the Nuvali Lake, filled with colorful koi that you can feed with. You can also do picnics at the lakeside. Or go for a boat ride on their water taxis that will take you for a spin around the lake. Children and adults alike love this!
-photo courtesy of Aquiz-
You can shop at several stores there, dine at the cozy restaurants, or simply enjoy nature at its best, with your loved one by your side. You can walk under the sun, go biking and last but not the least, run at your own pace and feel the fresh air that is so rare when running in urban areas.
Run. Run at my own pace. That’s what I loved the most in Nuvali! I was raised in Santa Rosa and I just love running in my own city. Nuvali is my training ground. There, I can breathe freely, run with all the power of my feet and see the beauty of life that lies ahead. Nuvali is so clean. There are no wrappers lying around, no spilled food, and definitely no offending smells. Knowing such a beautiful place in my home town is awesome! Indeed, a place that can be called home.
-photo courtesy of Phillip BF-
When I fall in love with running, it becomes my dream to run a marathon but I never thought of running it on my own city. With the hills and paved road that Nuvali offers, it became possible. I ran my first marathon here in the recently concluded TBR Dream Marathon.
When I crossed the finish line, I was so overwhelmed with the experience that I felt. Finishing 42km, a distance that once seemed impossible, taught me that anything in this world is within my grasp as long as I worked hard for it.

With this accomplishment, I invite everyone to run a marathon too. If I can do it, they surely could.

If you get the chance, perhaps you can drop by Nuvali and take in the sights, have lots of photos there, feed some koi, have some coffee or pizza, or even run with all your dreams in your heart. :)


  1. Thank you for this very wonderful post about Nuvali. Im Coco and I work for Ayala Land. Nuvali is one of our developments Im sooo proud of. If you or anyone is interested to find a premier residential property in Nuvali, feel free to contact me at 09175029252, or email me at Thank You! =)

  2. Welcome Coco! Anyway, I hope I could own a property there someday. Thanks for reading my post. :)