Team Suncel at MVP Olympics 2012

Date: March 30, 2012
Event: 800m Dash
Venue: Meralco Track Oval, Ortigas
Team: Sun Cellular

Since Sun Cellular is now a part of MVP Olympics, I got a chance to participate in Track and Field Event, the 800m dash. It's my first time to participate in event like this 'cause as everyone knows, I usually do long run.
photo c/o Pengkie
The training is really different. Since I am very busy preparing for my marathon the past days, I think I had sacrificed my training for this. Although I do speed works or sprint intervals every week, I know it's not enough to make me grab the gold one! So I just enjoy the run and the moments with Team Suncel that day. Thank God I finished it injury-free and ranked 7th out of 12  females. Not bad for a first timer. Go go Team Suncel! Maaaa-SUN! :)
Maaaaa- SUN!

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