Fox International Channel Advocacy Run

It's exactly one week after my first ever marathon and I'm still high. I got a chance to run in FIC Advocacy Run under the name of the Red Whistle. Red Whistle is aiming for an HIV-free Philippines, so let's run for it.
I went to BGC straight from Team Rock & Road's celebration of being a marathoner at Rose' house. Literally, I had no sleep at all and hang over reigns over me. Waaah.. I'm wishing myself a good luck all throughout. It was supposed to be a recovery run after that very long 42.195 km but it turned out to be hangover run. Hahaha.. Thanks to my pacer Aquiz for not leaving me and for pushing me forward.  Thank God for giving me someone like him.

Ten kilometers never seem that long before. I think it is because I am not prepared. It's not my feet that complains along the way, it's my tummy. I'd even look for portalets. But there's none. Hahaha.. Thank God what I expected didn't happened. I walked for some time that I think I had to and back in running if I gained enough energy.

With all the power that God had given me and with all the motivation I got from "someone", I was able to finished 10 km in 58 mins and ranked 6th among female runners. Another sweet finish it is.

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