UNILAB Run United 1 2012

 Sorry for the six-day late race review, but for a much-awaited race like this, it's better late than none at all.

March 4, 2012 - One of the most awaited races of the country, the Run United 1, happened  in MOA except for the 21k Runners which started in BGC and ended in MOA. It is a new route for 21k runners which is almost flat except for those flyovers.

As everybody wishes for, it was a great weather to run. There were overflowing hydration (water and powerade keep us replenished), lot of bananas, and also portable toilets along the route. Also, there's a lot of freebies for finishers especially for 21k runners who got a very handsome medal and finisher's shirt.

On the other hand, here's some negative things I observed. Some runners got a hard time seeing the path because other areas were not well-lit. Also, not all 21km runners got their finisher's shirt due to some reason. I think it is because of unsystematic finisher's kit distribution.

As for my run, there’s little to say about it. I am not supposed to join here but since I was lucky to win a race kit from Kulit Runner, I ran a half marathon. And I think, this would force me to complete the Run United Trilogy to have that very handsome puzzle medal, loyalty shirt and Afroman Award.

-with pacer Paul-
It was my first time to run from BGC to MOA. I started with the Pinoy Fitness Family then it turned into a chika pace with Paul. He's aiming for my new PR but I'm not. Hahaha. It was just a relaxed run for me. I don't wanna force myself to beat my record because TBRDM is very near. In other words, it should be taper mode.

When I got the result, I was surprised I beat my previous record. I improved it by 1 mins and 20 secs. Many thanks to pacer Paul. He's so patient because he never leave me behind even though I'm too slow.

Of course, here's some photo ops. It's a must in every race. :)

-with Team Rock and Road plus Icar-

Congrats to Jan on his first 21km..

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