Gatorade Sweat Test for TBR Dream Marathoners

I was so lucky to be one of the 52 runners who got a chance to undergo the Gatorade Sweat Test courtesy of Ms. Jaymie and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). It was very timely in our preparation for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.
The Gatorade Sweat Test analyzes our sweat rate and it gives enough hydration program to ensure that we perform at our best. Urine was collected for testing. Then, we were asked to strip down to underwear in a restroom and measure body weight. Once done and geared up again with our running attire, we cannot drink any except the designated Gatorade and water for us. The staff placed two patches on our body: one on our forehead and another on our forearm. This would collect our sweat and would be removed until it was fully saturated.
-We're ready to take the test! (photo courtesy of Joyce)
We all ran 1 hours and 30 minutes on the track oval. Riz, Joy, Allan, Jonard and I did a 4:1 interval with a 630-7 pace and all sweats out. Gatorade Sweat Test indeed.
Once done, we had another weigh in to check the fluids lost. That's the last step of the test.
All sweats out!
After a week, the result is out. It clearly states that I am 0.3% dehydrated and my sweat rate is 0.5L/hr. I need to hydrate 125ml/15mins. This would be a great help to plan my hydration on my upcoming race. Thanks again to Gatorade and TBR.

For further information, you may visit The Bull Runner's Article about Sweat Test.

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