All Set for my First Ever Marathon!

Twenty-two weeks of training is over. Tomorrow, March 18, at exactly 2am (5 hours from this writing), I will start running and hit 42.195 km in Nuvali, Santa Rosa City. Wow! My first marathon would be in my hometown. Excitement really fills my heart.

Straight from my friday night duty in office, I dropped by supermarket to buy bananas, Cloud9, Lala Milk Chocolate, Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, loaf bread for my peanut butter sandwich and my secret fuel. I also take out spaghetti for my breakfast. Shopping had to be quick because I need to have a good sleep before the big day.

Ooops. I don't include my secret fuel here..
As soon as I arrived home and have a short but quality time with my family, I set all my gear to wear for the race tomorrow: my Pinoy Fitness Singlet, Adidas Shorts, Nike dri-fit socks, Nike running belt, Second Wind visor, and New Balance shoes.

I'm ready to go!
Of course, I will never miss to ready my race bib. It looks so simple, but it is personalized. It contains not only a number but also the runner's name. It would be easier and more fun for the spectators to cheer.
I will run 42.195 km in my own city! <3<3<3
I also packed my check in bag. I have my post race clothes, toiletries, medicines and food there.

Waaah. It took me almost one hour to pack. I’m all set for the race. I started this journey 10 months ago as a simple girl just running for fun. Now I am a runner getting ready to take on one of the greatest challenges of my life. Like I have said before. I run not to compete but to move forward and see the beauty of life that lies ahead.

Wish me and the rest of the Team Rock & Road a strong finish tomorrow! :)


  1. Good luck sa inyo lahat Goldy! May you find gold at the finish line...

  2. pwede pa ba?? GOOD LUCK!

  3. Thanks sir Runnox.. @Allan, pwd p.. hahaha.. maxadong advance pra s milo.. :)