The Precious Runner Confessions..

My name is Goldy a.k.a Precious Runner. I am a 20+ daughter from Santa Rosa City who works as an engineer in telco who has a great passion for teaching (part-time), cats, bags, shoes, pizza, pasta, chocolates, ice cream, nuts, malling, travelling, and last but definitely not the least, running.

I'm engaged in running since May 2011. I finished 5km in Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run. Goldy ran for Goldilocks huh?! At first, I was so anxious if I might conquer that distance injury free. Well, I just let my feet do all the work. That moment, I don’t care if I am not the fastest runner in the road as long as I am not the slowest. I don’t even have any idea about the proper breathing, running form, mid foot strike either.

 The first time I cross the finish line, I know it won't be the last. It doesn't end there. It's just the beginning of my so-called running career. I got hooked into it and now I don’t just run for fun. 
As I fell in love with running, ( becomes my hangout during my idle time. I signed up the PF Forum, join the discussions and got different tips from fellow runners. We share different stories there. We also find time to meet and greet in races. Sharing the road and our passion for running made us a very happy and growing PF Family.
Running is a lot like life. I always run with a dream in my heart. I run not to compete but to move forward and see the beauty of life that lies ahead. It really reminds me that I am strong and can go farther if I never stop. I’ve run 3kms, 5kms, 10kms, 16kms, 21kms and I want more. I'd like to experience the best marathon and hopefully someday move into an ultra marathon.

Right now, I have taken it to the next level by signing-up for the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. I’m about one and a half month away from 42.2km. I’ve trained hard with my fellow TBRDM (Joyce, Joy, Riz, Rose, Allan, Jonard and Chris) and still training to deal with it. No turning back. 
The Bull Runner meets Precious Runner.. :)
After Practice Run in UP with my TBRDM Batchmates..
We have also tried and liked mountaineering. We don’t just share roads but also mountains. “We don’t just cross the finish line, we reach the summit.”

Pinoy Fitness Runners/Mountaineers

Let me say: “Running really changed my life. God gave me these two long legs for a reason. Run with me to know why. Let us run the race set before us and never give up.” :)

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