Pinoy Fitness First Ever Friendship Climb at Mt. Pico de Loro

PF Mountaineers (Chris, Allan, Jonard, Rox, Chona, Joyce, Joy, Riz, Rose, Goldy, Rhea, JC, Elvin, Dennis, Ben, Gilbert)

I always loved running. It is something that reminds me to never give up on different challenges in my life. I also met new friends along the road. These friends (Pinoy Fitness Family) with whom I'd shared the road with, were also the same person that brought me into mountains. And now, I started to love mountaineering too.
The idea of mountaineering came up when we got a lot of time chatting after race particularly last Michelle Estuar's Race in Ultra Oval. We had a lot of things in our mind. We want to climb or even swim, bike, to tri, run a marathon or jump into an ultra marathon. But of course, we are all human beings and we can make it all happen at once. Hahaha.. Step by step indeed. 

We're so lucky that once in January, our busy schedules met. That was last Jan 22-23. We're ready to climb.

Januarry 22, with all the excitement, all the way from Cebu,  I came home, no time to sleep so I just got my things packed, took a shower, head to Manila to meet the group and proceed to Ternate, Cavite. Rhea, on the other hand, decided not to run in Timex which was scheduled same day. Some things were really set aside for this climb to happen. No one can stop us. Hahaha..

Mt. Pico de Loro, Ternate, Cavite
I can still feel the mountaineer's high. The experience is really different. We had a fast pacer Rose going up the mountain. That's why we're slightly ahead with our itinerary. Hahaha.. Partida si Rose. May sakit pa siya nyan! Pinapasolve na nga ng math problems ni Rhea para matigilan saglit. Haha. Gising na gising rin nga ako sa bilis nya kahit wala pa kong tulog. Most were complaining. It is really not easy to trail especially when you have you're home with you. (Agree master Elvin?!) But master Elvin is a life saver huh. With his overflowing water, we survived. Nagkakaubusan kc talaga ng tubig sa taas. Naalala ko pa nga, Jonard said once sa baba, "Iwan na kaya natin 'tong mga tubig na 'to." Hahaha.. Yun pala, we absolutely need it.
We had our lunch at the Base Camp 1. Parang binagyo lang ang dala naming lunch. Gutom talaga lahat. Hahaha. Solved! We just relaxed for a short time then proceed going to the peak. It was a more challenging trail. Paakyat na kasi talaga. But still, we can't quit. We'll just find time to make a break or just simply a picture break. Enjoy every moment of it until we're in the peak and so close to the sky. :)
Picture Break..
We also got a chance to climb the nerve wrecking beak. Buwis buhay mode kami dito. Mejo madulas kaya hindi lahat nakaayat. Hopefully next time. Di ba Rox? Hehehe..

We conquered the Beak!
Our first day in Pico was a very tiring day but all sweats were worth it. Nothing can replace the happiness that we feel that time. Kwentuhan, asaran, tawanan, inuman, kainan?! Hahaha.. Sayang lang at hindi ako nakatagal nung gabi. Sobrang antok.. Waaah.. Lagari ba naman. I was knocked out that night in the mountain. And it seems like i miss to sleep, I am also the last one who get out of the tent the following day. I'm so thankful that they wake me up to see the sunrise. If not, I'm sure I am still dreaming inside the tent while they are all enjoying the beauty of sunrise. lol..
Goldy sees the sunrise!

This climb won't be a success without everybody's cooperation. Let me say thanks to:
Joyce - my tent buddy. We missed to have a pic together. I hope next time. I really had a good sleep with you. Hehe.. Thanks also for all your efforts that made this possible.
Rox - for also sharing your expertise in mountaineering. Thanks also for your cook set. Dinner over the mountain won't be possible without it. Baka nagtiyaga na lang tayo sa tinapay at pinapak ang adobo ni Joy. lol..
Riz - for the trail food. I so loved the nuts and raisins.
Joy, her mom - for the adobo. Yummy! Umabot pa hanggang almusal. :)
Jonard - for helping Joy in cooking our rice for dinner.
Elvin - for the overflowing water.
Allan - for the sari-sari store.
Rhea - for the headlamp. I misplaced that one. Sorry Rhea.I'll buy another soon.
Rose - for being our fast pacer. We had fun following you.
Tope - for the Tarp, bibs, pins and also for the funny moments.
Chona, JC, Ben, Gilbert, Dennis - for capturing every single moment of the first ever friendship climb.

The moment that we reach the summit, we could say we're a mountaineer now. We wanted to do this once in a while together. "We don't just cross the finish line. We also reach the summit."

Winning Pose! Go Girls..


  1. Nice one Goldy! Seems like it's only yesterday. :-)

  2. Thanks Gilbert. Thanks again for all the pics. Looking forward to our next climb. :)