PSE Bull Run Half Marathon - Check!

I finished another half marathon with the Team PF Mamaws and Baby Mamaws last Jan 8 at BGC. Wow! It was another group run and definitely a great race to start our year 'coz most of us beat our personal records. The race was also good in terms of hydration and there were enough supply of bananas for 21K and even 16K runners.

It is also my 2nd time running along with my fellow angels - Joyce, Riz and Joy, from start to finish. This time, Jonard is our pacer. We practiced again the run-walk method, a 3:1 interval for the first 10k then 4:1 for the remaining 11k with an average pace of about 6:50 and here's the result that we are so proud of. :)

Another good job to us Angels! Many thanks pacer Jonard.
Of course, our run would not be complete without photo ops. Here's some. (photo courtesy of JC, Elvin, Sir Rod, Franz)
Candid Shot? before gunstart..
Right after the run..
The TBR Dream Marathoners Batch 3
Team PF Baby Mamaws.. :)
Team PF Mamaws and Baby Mamaws.. :)
Look back shot indeed..
Our run and photo ops was followed by a breakfast and meeting regarding our first climb. After a sort of discussion, we decided to schedule it on Jan 22-23. We are all excited for the awaiting adventure at the peak of Pico de Loro. :)
Breakfast + Meeting = Productive

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