Yes! It's a POWER Run..

Rain is pouring but still I woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Without thinking twice, I prepare myself and head to BGC with Teacher Meg and his cousin Jun to run in the NB Chevy Power Run last November 6. I luckily won a race kit from Pinoy Fitness Promo.  I just registered for 5k because I really missed running short distances.

As expected, the race took place, rain or shine.  When we got to the start line, the pouring rain is still there but 25k runners had started. Then after a few minutes, it was followed by the 10k runners. At 0550H, the 5k gun start will also follow. Before that, we had a warm-up exercise under the rain. No sweat. Only raindrops. Hahaha..
It’s my first time to start my run under the rain and it felt so good. I just make every step easy to take some extra care because the road is slippery when wet huh.
One, two, three kilometers - the rain is still pouring and I think most runners are enjoying it. The rainfall makes us more relaxed. No sun heat at all. I feel less dehydration and less sweat. If ever I would feel that thirst, I can just open my mouth wide, and watch out for raindrops. Hahaha..  lol..
After passing the 3km mark, one of the turns of our route is an extra challenge. This time, my feet can’t resist getting wet. We had no choice but to run over the flooded road. Without thinking twice, I ran. Hahaha.. Of course, I should pass that route before I reach the finish line. Woooh..  I’m totally wet but it can never stop me from running.
I clocked in the finish line about 00:32:57. It’s really a POWER Run. I ran under the rain from start to finish line. The rain is so sweet. He never leaves huh. 
I met new running friends like Pinky, Abby and Roxanne and have some photo ops with coach Rio and other PF Peeps. 
with Ms. Mars
-with Pinky and Abby-
with Pinky, Abby, Jarred and SpongebobRunner

with Gerome, Tinah and Teacher Meg

Nice meeting you Roxanne.. Welcome to Riovana! :)

It's also my first time to stay until the awarding. It's all because we all love the chevy. One chevy will be given away in the raffle. But I’m not as lucky as the young guy who got it. He’s so surprised. I’m sure until now, he can’t believe that after he ran 5k one rainy Sunday morning, he’s going home with a brand new chevy. :)
"I always loved running. It was something I can do all by myself and under my own will.  I could go anywhere, too slow or fast. I could see the beauty of life with the strength of my feet,  hear every breathe that I take, feel God’s warm or cold embrace and even talk to Him with all my heart."

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