Fully-booked November Weekends…

Nov 6: The first Sunday of my November was spent in NB Chevy Power Run and a date with my “favorite” sis and nephew.
Nov 12: I will be in 2nd TBRDM Bull Session early in the morning and will attend “The Gathering” with my long-time-no-see IECEP-EMMSC family.
Nov 13: One big day for me. MY 2nd half marathon will take place in UNILAB Run United 3. Let’s see if I could break my PR this time?
Nov 19: The closing ceremony of DMPI/DTPI Sports fest will proceed. I registered for 3k. I hope I could make it again in the top female finishers. 
Nov 20: I think I gonna run for Pasig this time if I really have a free race kit from my college friends. Of course, I don’t want to miss a chance running with them. If ever, this would be my first run with them.
Nov 26: I will run 3k in HSBC Fun Run with my sis. It would be my 2nd time running with her.
Nov 27: 10k in Camp Run is waiting for me. Woooh.. I want that dog tag!
Hmmmm.. Have I convinced you that I have this fully-booked November weekends huh?! Lol..

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