Breaking Dawn Run breaks the record..

pretty sis! :)
It seems that all weekend of my October this year was occupied by fun run. So not to break the record, I ran on the final week of the month. I wanted to experience all twists in running even once. Running barefoot, running in a costume, running in the dark and so on. Since Halloween is in the air and the costume run is very popular, we registered for the so-called Breaking Dawn Run at Santa Elena. The good thing is we don't have problem going to the place since it's within the vicinity of our own place Santa Rosa. To be exact, it's very near to my favorite running place, the Nuvali.

I usually run along with my PF Friends and NEO Runners. But this time, I ran with my "favorite" sis. Favorite?! Since she's the only sister that I have. Hahaha.. lol.. It was my first fun run with her. I encouraged her to run 'cause she wanted to lose some fats and finally I succeeded. She's just new in running so 3k is enough for her now. I also ran 3k, maybe not to pace her but just to have an easy run that Sunday since I don't have much training due to my busiest workweek.  Remember, It's a costume run but we only wore head dress, just to look like we're in a costume.. hahaha..

Breaking dawn run is a simple event but still chased by Kenyans. It's not new to spot Kenyans in every run, big or small. And to think that we only paid for 100 php. But after the race, the top finishers will get a prize and also raffles will be drawn.

The gun starts exactly 0530 for 10k and with a 5 minutes interval for the next category which are 5k and 3k. The race was also covered by ABS-CBN and was featured in Umagang Kayganda.

Again. Three-two-one. We started running. My sister just said, "wait for me in the finish line". She knows that I'm faster than her. :)) When I'm about 300m away from the start line, I feel uncomfortable and so hot. It is due to the head dress that I'm wearing, so I decided to pull it down and just carry in my hands. After that, I ran smoothly. It's a very sunny day, but still I don't mind. I did a great run again this time. I'm the first female who crossed the finish line in 3k category. Sayang walang prize for top female. No male and female category, only the first man who crossed the finished line. As expected, they were males and the two were Kenyans. (Hahaha.. Asa pa ko na mauna ang female sa male.. ) But it's ok. Maybe it's one thing that the organizer must improved for the next race. Prize is just a bonus for runners. What's really important is the experience and how every run goes. :)

After crossing the finish line,  I continue running about 800m to cool down and wait for my sis. While waiting, I bumped with some Laguna peeps but I forgot to take some pics - Camille, Lems and Coach Ivan.

Nice photo ops with the best in Costume.. Roar..
Congrats sis for finishing your first 3k.. :))

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