Two 10k's in a row..

October 15 - We run Manila 10k!

We run our own city. It was my first night run - Nike Run. I joined this event due to some reasons:

1. I wanted to see the difference of a daytime race with a night one. It is really different at all. Since you will be heading to the venue in the afternoon, you'll encounter heavy traffic so it's advisable to go early. And also, you will be walking for the last km when it gets totally dark 'cause there is no ample light within the road. Walking made me clocked at finish line for about 1:22. Hmmm..

2. Lot of freebies. I love the nike dri-fit shirt, the tumbler, plus the USB resembling as a mini Nike shoes. Ooops.. I hope that my USB will be delivered in the right place. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

3. Another time to bond with my friends and PF Peeps. But due to so many runners, about 8,000, i was not able to see them all. I don't got a chance to bumped with the Team NEO Runners. I thought I will be roaming around alone but thanks to some PF Peeps I saw near the baggage area. We got a chance to take some photos. Thanks Gerome for the pics. :)

nice meeting you gray :)

preciousRunner doing our favorite pose..
Ok na ok si runiacs..
Nice pose pyxcel!

 October 23- Most run in Adidas KOTR-BGC but We Run in St. Peter-MOA..

I have a last minute plan to register for Adidas KOTR, but due to the free race kit I got from Team Wagwag, my plan changed. Instead, I ran 10k in St. Peter Life Run. It's my first time to run in MOA Route. I'm within the area before the gun starts but due to the baggage area hunting, I started late in 10k gun start. I mixed up with the 5k runners. I tried to increase my own pace to be with some 10k runners. (Thank God nakahabol naman..)

It was a very simple event but have some lapses like the lack of hydration I think. I skip some hydration areas 'cause we have to fall in line to get a cup of water. But still, we can't blame them that much.

When I got to the finish line, my thirst was relieved by a  bottled water included in the finisher's kit. It also contains an umbrella, a towel and an ensaymada and so on. I can't exactly remember what's more inside. As far as I know, there's also a line for refreshing ice cream on stick and a banana to recharge. I love it. :)

Below were some pics taken after the run. Photo credits again to Gerome.

gray, caviterunner, pyxcel, preciousRunner

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