My Debut 21k.. A road to Marathon!

Run with me!
My first  21k. My first group run. Last October 9, I ran in Octoberun Fest 2011 with the Team PF Mamaws. I don't target any PR since it's my first time to run a half marathon. I just enjoyed the run, finished strong and injury-free.


Team PF Mamaws before Gunstart

The day before the race, it had been raining and so I am expecting on a race day too. The first 5 km was a smooth chika pace with Lems and Joyce. Upon passing the 5km mark, the rain started to fall and it lasts for about 15 minutes. Anyway, it's not bad after all. It makes us feel more energized and relaxed while running.
The next 5km turn out good. We passed along the Kalayaan Flyover and clocked 1:05 at 10km mark, breaking my PR by 5 minutes. Thanks Lems for pacing Joyce and me until our halfway to the finish line. 

On our way back to Kalayaan flyover, we can't run the same pace with Lems. He's too fast (or we're just too slow.. lol..) so we just run at our  own pace. I started to do the run-walk method up way to have some rest. I think it helps. But it is not advisable if you have a PR to break. :)
On the 13th something km, my stomach started complaining. Hunger occupied my mind but still I continue to move my feet and greet along the road with some PF Peeps. Run run run and watch out for some banana. Maybe a double time to reach the carbo loading  station as soon as possible?! Hahaha.. (I remember, I keep asking Joyce, "Wala pa bang banana station?! Gutom na talaga ako.." tsktsk..)
 Woooh.. This is it. Reaching the station we've been waiting for made me smile. A refreshing welcome of Pocari Sweat, a banana, chocolates and rice crispies were enough for us to win back our energy. Love it!
Thanks for the Pocari Sweat!

Finally, totally recharged. The carbo loading station did a great job. I got to finish line with a smile on my face and no pain at all. :)

200 meters before the Finish line

And of course, our run won't be complete without the photo ops.. Thanks to Mr. Pinoyfitness, Team PF Mamaws, Team Wagwag, ARC and other running friends out there.

Some member of Team PF Mamaws after the race

Oooops! I've gone this far. I finished 21k and this is just a road to my dream marathon. 42k wait for me. I will conquer you soon... See you TBRDM Batch 3 in the finish line! :)))

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