11 Good Reasons Why 9.11.11 is a Super Sulit Day!

1. My Birthday Run in BGC - FS Run. I am very passionate about running so I ran. Hahaha.. Thanks to PF Peeps (Omar, Lems, Ces, Joyce and Gerome), I’m not alone there.
pyxcel, preciousRunner, omaralmighty, Lems, pissedoffchick, Cesium of PF Community
2. 16k Debut. It really made my birthday run so memorable. Oh yeah! It’s my very first ten-miler. Thank God I conquered such distance even though I only have 1 hour sleep prior to that and don’t have enough training due to hectic schedule. (Thanks to pissedoffchick for running with me from start to finish line!) <3
3. Make New Friends. It’s a pleasure indeed to meet people who really love running like I do. Pissedoffchick (Joyce), pyxcel (Gerome), scout (Rose), Ms. Jackie, Ms. Olive, Ms. Erlie, nice meeting you! See you on the future runs.
scout, preciousRunner, pissedoffchick, Lems
4. BGC - Nuvali - Goldy’s Crib : PF Peeps always on the go. Pasimuno?! The super energetic Ms. Mars. High five! To the maximum level ang driving expertise ni Ms. Olive, nakarating kami ng safe in our veryyyy faaaarrrrrrrr place. I love you Ms. Olive. :) Again, thank you Ms. Mars, Ms. Olive, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Erlie, Omar, Lems, Ces and Raven for coming!
Welcome to Royal Carribean! - at Nuvali

5. Anonymous’ The Gathering. Way back high school when I knew all of you (Marj, Chel, Cile, Ana, Lale, Buddy, IC, Mich, Gina)! We’re so young. But now?! Still young?! hahaha.. Not in numbers but young at hearts. It’s nice to be with you again my dear “anonymous”. Sayang hindi tayo kumpleto. I really miss kitkat. She’s always in my dreams. Anyway, she’s happy now! Let’s continue to pray for her soul. Hugs. \m/
6. Tropang TKN Reunited. We planned to see each other last month, we failed. But this time, we made it. I miss hanging out with you. Thanks Net, Cha, Haze, Wil and of course, Cile for listening to my story. Hahaha.. I know all of you, waited for so long. Don’t worry! I’m alright now. Cheers!
7. Neo36 plus Super Jeyps - What I Really Love in Samsung! I think this song is enough for you:
“Salamat, tayo’y magkasamang muli
 Salamat at may gabing nakalaan sa kaunting kasiyahan
 Salamat at tayo’y nagkasamang muli
 Salamat at sa pagpawi ng uhaw ay may darating na araw
 Kay tamis ng ating samahan sa lungkot at kaligayahan
 Tunay na kaibigan, kasamang maaasahan
 Salamat at tayo’y may pinagsamahan
 Salamat, tunay kong kaibigan… “
(Salamat Mike, Meyi, Marko, Peter, Mannie, Sir Jeyps! Sayang wala si Pamela bru, Eca, Erol, Archie, Jeck, Rico..I really miss the NEO Days!)
8. Popoy’s Gang in Action. Another friends from a very far away land. Hahaha.. My Sun Cellular Colleagues.. Thanks Jhang, Dey, Weng, Jill, Mike, Lei, Ewin for granting my request. And thumbs up sa motor driving experience ni Ewin! Hindi ka naligaw. Group hug! :)
9. Another day for N-DC! I was able to see again some of my relatives in Nigos and dela Cruz’ side. And of course, many thanks to my very loving family. I love you all.
10. Just a Bonus - birthday presents! Well, special thanks to: Sir Jeff (a.k.a. Mr. Pinoyfitness) for the free race kit for Run Rizal, Ces for my favorite Ferrero Rocher, Anonymous for my new running stuffs, Kuya Kris for a box of espasol, Kuya Pat for something so valuable and to my family for all your efforts and contributions.

11. Another year for me. For the past 22 years, I’ve been so blessed. I’ve been through ups and down but remain standing. It is all because of people who really cares and most especially because of God. I can do all things through Christ who give me strength. This year, as I continue my journey, I will have no worries in my heart. I will run the race set before me and never give up! :)

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