UNILAB Run United 2

Photo Ops with Dolan Mascot.. :)
Samsung VOC Partners in crime.. hahaha..
PF Shirt plus Kaspersky Shirt

Smile smile runners! :)))
Thanks Pamela bru for this pic. Love it!
August 21, 2011, BGC, Taguig. All is well. All is well in my third 10k. Great weather, nice route, overflowing hydration, lots of freebies (Unilab and Kaspersky - the best), met some first time NEO runners (Welcome to the runner’s world! I hope all of you will love running as I do..) free breakfast (Thanks a lot Super Jeyps.. More free breakfast to come! Hahaha..), free ride going home (courtesy of teacher Meg) and last but not the least, a new PR for me.. Wow! I improved my last PR by 8 min and 14sec (Many thanks pareng Omar! Good coach indeed. Apir!). :))

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