Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

If you can still remember, I have finished a lot of marathons and ultramarathons with my Wave Inspire 8. So when its 9th incarnation are available in all Mizuno stores, I can't wait to have it. Thanks to my very loving partner who bought it for me. He also got a pair for himself. Yey!
-Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 His and Her-
I'd been running in the Wave Inspire 9 since January and I really love them. I am enjoying long distance running so I need a shoe that won't breakdown as fast as the other shoes. Wave Inspire 9 is really perfect for me because of its wave technology and the plate in the sole.
-Comfortable, Stable, Lightweight-
Know more about the Key Features in this video:

After some run, enough to break-in my Wave Inspire 9, I raced with it last Sagada Marathon. Knowing that Sagada has a very challenging route, I survived it. The shoe is lightweight but it didn't compromise the support that I need. It performed very well especially on the hilly parts of the route. I felt almost no impact in my feet. It is very comfortable. I really love how it fits in me and how it brought me to a strong finish.

The bonus in the Wave Inspire 9 is a lot of colors to choose from. For more info, you may visit the website Mizuno Inspire 9 or you can go directly at the nearest Mizuno Stores. It is already available with SRP Php 4,995. Get yours now!

If you are looking for a new brand to try, I would highly recommend Mizuno running shoes. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Actually, I already tried different brands before but it didn't fit in me very well.

From then on, I could say that Mizuno is the best running shoe I ever had. I'm looking forward to more mileage with it. How about you? What is your favorite running shoe? Does the style or color ever affect your decision in choosing your shoe?

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