With my running shoes on...

I'm a Proud Pinay!
Every time I get out the door with my running shoes on, I couldn’t help but wonder why I wanted to run again and again.
From the time that Kathrine Switzer registered for a Boston Marathon and ran it, through her tenacity, stubbornness and belief that women can too run 26.2mi (42.195km), she scaled the male bastion of the Boston Marathon that barred women from its race and helped to open its doors to women, which it officially did in 1972, countless have risen up to take the challenge. And to tell you, I’m one of those women.
When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon at TBRDM, the feeling was unforgettable and overwhelming. I found a new confidence and strength that I never knew existed. I realized that through all my hard work, everything is within my reach.
Running has opened my eyes to a positive world. It's not just a physical exercise but my lifestyle. When I run, I find freedom. It feels like I can overcome all the barriers in my life. God gave me these two long legs to run the race set before me. I run not to compete but to move forward and see the beauty of life that lies ahead.

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