Run United Philippine Marathon - I'm a Part of History

Event:Run United Philippine Marathon
Date: October 28, 2012
Venue: Mall of Asia , BGC
Organizer: Runrio

One of the most anticipated events this year, the Run United Series, offered 42k for the first time. It was called as the Run United Philippine Marathon. Over 12,000 runners gathered at Mall of Asia for the 3k, 5k, and 10k categories while at Bonifacio High Street for 21k and 42k. The marathon event alone could have been a race in itself with almost 3,000 participants.

The weather was perfect for a run. Elvin and I arrived at the assembly area one hour before the gun start. We had enough time to warm up and prepare ourselves to run the distance.

Most of my running friends were there. We chatted and did some photo ops while waiting for the race to start.
Pre-race photo
-photo by Rookieshots-
I joined RUPM, not just to experience another marathon nor to be a part of history, but, in
remembrance of my friend Gina, who passed away two years ago. I tied a purple ribbon in my wrist as a sign of my intention. I also planned to run it alone, not pacing with any of my friends because I wanted to feel every moment of it.
I'm running for a friend!
The first 32k was great. I enjoyed every minute of the run. In fact, I beat my best time in 21km and 32km mark that day. I was happy because I think that would lead to a new personal best.. But.. I was wrong.

As time flew on, I got tired. I felt dehydrated. My feet were also complaining and it made me slow down. I encountered leg' cramps at around km35. It made me run-walk the remaining part of the race. The worst thing was I totally stopped in one corner of the Roxas Blvd. I tried to apply katinko on my legs to lessen the pain and recover.

My body almost wanted to stop running but my mind and heart were determined to finish. "I have no reason to give up. I am running for a friend."

My plan to beat the personal best was forgotten. I just enjoyed the breeze at Roxas Boulevard and savored every moment I was out there.
-photo by Running Photographers-
Near CCP, I stopped for the second time due to severe leg' cramps. Unfortunately, I lossed my katinko so I didn't have a chance to reapply it. I asked the medics, but all ointments were consumed that time.  So I  relied to some stretching.

On the road side, while stretching my legs, Sir Whinox saw me and gave some liniment. It eased the pain so I tried to run and walk again.

My last 4 kilometers was tough. I almost lost myself. I didn’t push too hard. I ran and walked, just right to bring me to the finish."Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever."

At around 500 meters to the finish line, I saw Sir Ted running beside me. He pushed me to run fast to the finish line.
with Sir Ted, rushing to the finish line..
-Endorphins activated with Sir Ted! photo by Melvin Robel-
Oh yes! Endorphins activated. I almost did sprint even though there's still pain in my legs. I managed to smile since a lot of spectators and runner friends were cheering for me. 

"Runners need people to cheer ... the people help them get there"

I will never forget how Host Sir Boy Ramos cheered aloud with his mic on.
I'm a Proud Pinay!
I'm a Proud Pinay! -photo by Lemuel So-

No PR for me but I was so happy when I finished the race. Who wouldn't be happy running on a red carpet while your name was being called? Who wouldn't be honored to finish a marathon waving our very own flag? Who wouldn't be proud to run such distance for a friend?
-Posing with the humongous medal-
As the RUPM made a history, one of our teammates, Rox, also took part of it and did her debut marathon there. She finished strong! Our team is so proud of her.
-The Team is so proud of Rox for her 1st Full Mary-
-With Team Rock and Road.. As we welcome Rox on the world of marathoners-
Race Review
* Route: The 42k runners started running around the flat course of BGC then passed along the C5 road.This time, the inclusion of C5 Road on the route made it quite unique. After that, we were back to BGC thru Bayani and Lawton Road. We went up to Kalayaan and down to Buendia, then, followed the usual route of Run United through Roxas Blvd going to MOA.

*Traffic Management: Some parts of the route were dark. They should provided more floodlights there. We encountered vehicles along C5 Road even at that wee hours of the morning but no big deal as the drivers were very careful and the race marshals did their job well to manage it.

* Hydration: There were plenty supply of bananas but we ran out of hydration. Most 42k runners complained about it. We're not yet in 21km mark but we’re running out of water. It made me worried since most runners didn't brought hydration at all.

There were trash bins placed near every hydration station to avoid the scattered plastic cups along the route.

*Aid Stations: There were portalets and medical aid stations along the road. Portalet was my savior when I needed to pee along Roxas Blvd.

* Package/Freebies: All finishers received a loot bag. (What a handsome messenger bag!) Aside from it, the 21k and 42k finishers got a finisher's shirt and a humongous medal. It's one of a kind that was surely loved by runners. In fact, I could hardly lift my head when it's around my neck.

Overall, it was a good race and we had fun! The organizer always wanted to bring us the best race but of course, there were some flaws. At least, we all learned, so it won't happen again on the next one.

Anyway, Congratulations again to all runners who took part of the history! See you all next year. :)


  1. Precious Runner, I really enjoyed reading your blog which put a smile on my face...I was not laughing but I just smiling for the teaser of the blog. Congratulations to all of us runners. I saw you during the run sometimes I want to greet you but a shy on my mind pop out.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. You can always approach me, just introduce yourself. Runners will always be friends. See you on the road. :)

  2. Nice blog.Good and happy to see you with all your achievements. Take care always and God Bless you always.

  3. woot!.. congratz.. certified marathoner...