Running Wet and Wild at Run United 3


Since Friday, I suffered from clogged nose and itchy throat. I took medicines but still it persisted. It really alarmed me. I didn't want to miss the Afroman distance (32km) in the Run United 3. I wanted to complete the puzzle medal on my own.

I continued to take medicines and doubled the dose of my vitamins for me to get well soon. I took enough sleep and rest. My cough and cold were still there but I know it would be manageable. Knowing that it would be a rainy race, I was prepared to run. 


I slept early on a Saturday night since I need to wake up at 11pm.

With all the courage and determination, I prepared myself, met up with Elvin and head to BGC.  Exactly 2am, an hour before gun start, we arrived at the venue. We got enough time to warm up and ready ourselves.

With the rest of the Team Rock and Road, I stood at the starting line under the pouring rain. Exactly, 3am, we were off to run.

The first 10k of the race went well. I ran on my own pace. Hydration stations served as my walk breaks. I hit the 10km mark with a time of 59 minutes. I continued running in a constant pace but  accidentally, I twisted my ankle at around km17. It made me run and walk until I recover. I was so thankful that  the pain was gone at around km18.

The road was slippery. The atmosphere was so cold. We're running wet and wild but I was so careful to avoid twisting my ankle again. At around km 22, I experienced pain in my knees.  I think it was brought by too much coldness. It felt like my joints  were broken. Cramps also attacked my legs. I stretched and walked slowly. My legs had recovered but my knees were complaining so I decided to run and walk. 

The last 5km was so hard for me but giving up was not an option. I continued to run and walk until I cross the finish line. I saw Ralph and Rhea waiting for us. I clocked at 3:50:19. I was able to hit my sub 4 hours target in spite of my condition and bad weather. I'm so thankful for that.

Allan and Dennis were already finished before me. While waiting for our teammates, I did some stretching. Allan ran again to pace some of  them up to the last kilometer.

Jonard and Joy crossed the finish line together, followed by Roxanne and her pacer Elvin.  Sir Ted and Chona came next. Aica and Joyce also finished together. And of course, Tope was next in line. As we waited for him, we didn't missed to do some photo ops.
We ran an Afroman distance that day.

Finally! Mission accomplished. I completed the Run United Trilogy this year. Congratulations to all  finishers and to the UNILAB and Runrio for another well-organized event, as expected.
The last piece!

I still remember when I saw Sir Ted carrying flowers while running. I wondered why. It's a post birthday present for me pala huh! I really appreciate. (Thank you Sir Ted)
Birthday Girl!
When Tope crossed the finish line, I thought we were off to go for a breakfast. But... SURPRISE! Whoa.. Our dear teammates prepared something for the September babies.
-The September Babies ( Dennis was a proxy for JC since he's not around. haha..) -
-Time to blow the candle-
-The Team that I love-
After the  surprise and kulitan portion at the finish line, we freshen up ourselves and headed to Gerry's Grill for a breakfast and mini celebration. It was indeed a super fun morning with the team. Thank you thank you Rocky Roaders!
Hey! It's my birthday again! :)
Ooops! We gained what we lost in running 32km. Hahaha.. :)
We're not just born to run. We're born to experience the happiness that this life could offer. Again, congratulations to all runners who braved running under the rain. 

Photo Credits: RAD, Chona

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