Post Race Thoughts: Tanay Nature's Trail Discovery Run Leg 2

Sorry for this super late post. But it's better late than never huh. :)

I missed the outdoors, nature tripping and trail running to be exact. I missed the scenic views that took me away from the busy urban area. So when I got a chance to join another Tanay Trail Run organized by PIMCO, I didn't hesitate. Last Sept 2, I ran 21km bearing the name of the Team Norphl for the second time.
The race had started!
Since it was raining before the race day, the first part of the course became a muddy place. There were ascents and descents before we reach the only road part of  it. Running in the road was a challenge that time since my shoes were designed for trails. Not enough cushioning caused some pain but thank God it didn't last long. I can still run.

Steep descents made me run faster. Wow! It felt so good but at the back of my mind, "I'm afraid to backtrack the route. It would be a totally uphell. Hahaha."

River crossing was also one of the highlights of this event. Imagine! We crossed 9 rivers to finish the race.
-I crossed the river with my running shoes on.-
-Pulling out my shoes to get off the sands-
-Ready to run again-
-Time for a jump shot-

After a series of river crossing, I ran again on a rocky road and faced the steep ascent. I had no choice folks.

The last part of the course had been difficult for me since I ran out of hydration. I was longing for water but marshals offered Pocari. I still took some to prevent dehydration. The sun also showed up making the atmosphere so hot. I just got lucky I brought my eyeglasses from Spyder. My eyes got a great protection with it.
-On my way to finish line-
(photo credits to Ella)

Sir Tony and Jose were already finished when I cross the finish line. Jonard, Daniel and Riz were next in line while some were still running.
-While waiting for the rest of our friends-
We waited so long. Whoa! They extended the route to experience the beauty of the hidden falls in Tanay. So sad, I missed that one. I hope next time.
-We finished another 21km Trail Run. See you all on the Final Leg!-

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