Rexona Run 2012 - CHECK!

The Rexona Run held last September 23 was my first relay race while most of my teammates from the Team Rock and Road joined the individual category.
-Before gunstart- (photo credits: Aquiz)
I ran the 2nd 10.5 km of the 21k course and my partner, A, did the first half. The route of the 21km relay and individual category were the same. The only difference is the gun time, the first runner of the relay started 20 minutes later than the individual.

The first 10.5km of the route was quite harder. They passed along the Buendia-Edsa flyover and based from what A said, it was a bit crowded since they mixed up with the solo 21k runners.
-The 21k Runners halfway to the finish line-
While A's busy running the first half, I got a chance to warm up and had some photo ops with my friends  who were also assigned to run the second half.
-A on his way to the transition area- (photo credits: Jonah)
Waiting for my partner to arrive in the transition area was exciting. I relied on the big screen  to know if  A is coming so I could position myself  to run. Alertness is highly needed on this kind of race so every second would never go into waste.
-while waiting in the transition area-(photo by Jose Ramizares)
In spite of the flyover and human traffic, A still outran himself and hit the 10.5 kilometer mark after one hour. He arrived about 6am. He transferred his bib to me so I could run the next 10.5 kilometers.

The second part was composed of flat course but mostly hard cemented roads. I didn't wanna run under the scorching heat of the sun for a long time so I tried to increase my normal pace. I passed a bulk of solo 21k runners since they were noticeably tired, unlike me, who just started the race. My legs were fresh and can maintain a fast pace with no worries at all.

 -At the last 1 km to the finish line- (photo credits: Running Jack)
It was also my first time running with my Mizuno Wave Elixir 7. It combined stability and lightweight in one. I am so satisfied with its performance since it  flew me to a sub-1 hour 10.5km thus, making our total finish time a sub-2 hours. It was a great break-in indeed! Soon, I'll be posting my detailed review about it.

Again, congratulations to all the finishers of Rexona Run and to the organizers (Runrio and Rexona) for another job well done! See you next year.
Team Rock and Road? Check!
Yey! We outrun ourselves! (photo credits: Sir Ted)

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