Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Review: A Great Racing Shoe

During the Mizuno Academy Graduation run, I was so lucky to score a new kicks of my choice. Since I already have the Inspire, I went for the newest version of Elixir, which I believed  to be great in running short distances. It's an stability and lightweight shoe combined in one.
I used these Elixir 7 straight out of the box for the Rexona 21km Relay last Sunday. I know that's not the right time to break-in but I was so excited when I used it.
It 's like I ran without my shoes on. I really appreciate its noticeable lightness (with a weight of 7.2 oz), making it ideal for a race day. It has the extra cushion in its heel, which I benefited since I unconsciously strike in my heel during my runs. Its wider toe box let my feet fits perfectly.
-I can even do jump shot after running.-
I got Elixirs in size 8 unlike my Inspires in 8.5. It's sizes run a bit smaller while the design mirrored the latter more closely. It also has a stripe design which make me look fast.
-The tiger-stripes-
Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 is perfect for speedworks and tempo runs. It is suitable for  short distances or up to a 10 miler or half-marathon. 
-Noticeably curved sole which made it lighter-
While for distances beyond a half-marathon, I need more support so I'll probably rely to the Inspire. I also wonder if the Elixirs, without much cushioning, can make it on a long haul, mileage-wise, before replacement. But overall, I'd definitely recommend it to people who's searching for a stability yet lighter racing shoe.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here represent my own and I was not compensated in any way. I only recommend products that I trust.

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