Another Sweet Finish plus Christmas in PF Family's Little Way

The 35th Milo Marathon Finals is one of the most prestigious event for the year 2011. At first, I was in doubt joining this 'coz I'm afraid I won't finish running 21km within cutoff. In fact, i just registered during the extended registration period and luckily got the last 21k race kit in the reg site. I think I really meant to run in Milo this time. I don't wanna miss this 'coz I already missed the Elims this year due to unexpected instances.

I ran along with my TBRDM Batchmates Joy, Joyce, Riz and Allan as our pacer. We are Allan's Angels the entire race. Hahaha..
with pacer Allan.. (caught in act Goldy.. heel strike.. haha.. tired but still smiling.. )

post race pic.
Nice medal for all of us..

After a very good run, we headed to Marina MOA to have a buffet breakfast, meet and greet other PF Peeps and celebrate Christmas in our own little way.        
Sumptuous breakfast at Marina.
The Team Alpha 1 also bumped with us and raffled 2 Condura Race kits. Lucky Jackie G and JC got it!
Goldy meets Ok-Ok Aquiz
Happy PF Family
Here's the result. Riz a.k.a Unknown Finisher. lol.. Good Job Pacer Allan!
Finally.. I'm done with my last official run for this year. Also nice meeting most of the PF Peeps in a simple but very happy christmas party. To all those runner friends who use their cams to capture every moment, thank you thank you. See you all again in the future. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Cheers.. ♥♥ ♥


  1. Hi Daves. Thanks for your time reading my post. Happy New Year too. More blessings.. :)

  2. Congrats Goldy! More miles to run this year 2012. Happy New Year and see you on the road!!!

  3. Thanks sir Rod. Happy new year too.. See you on the bull run..