My First Three Runs...

It doesn't end there. It's just the beginning .. Of my so called running career..
I ran 5km in Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run last May 15, 2011. This is my first official run. My friends from my previous job asked me to run with them in NATGEO Earth Day run last April 2011, but due to conflict in my schedule, I wasn’t able to join them. I’m thankful that in Goldilocks, I made it - with Pamela, Sir JP, Vinci and Franz, even though without practice. Hahaha.. First time kasi, I don’t know how to prepare.. That moment, I don’t care if I am not the fastest runner as long as I am not the slowest.. :)
Vinci, Pamela and Goldy before the gunstart..
Franz, Sir JP, Goldy and Pamela
 After my first run, I am so excited for the next. My excitement brought me to a very nice running community, the pinoyfitness - But that time, I am just a reader. I don’t comment in any post there. Honestly, I’m a little bit shy-type girl. Although, hindi naman daw halata. Haha.. I read many tips there about training and running so I adopted some of it. But due to limited time, I don’t have enough training for my first 10k.

June 11, 2011 - Mizuno Infinity Run 2011. What made me run here? In most events, only the 21k/42k category is offering the finisher’s shirt. But this time, in Mizuno, all finishers in different category will get that “Never Settle Finisher’s Shirt”. Franz and Vinci registered for a 10k. Myself, afraid to be alone in the 5k gunstart, registered also for 10k category. I’m the only girl so i convinced Pamela to run with me in 10k. Eh madali naman kausap ang bruha.. Haha.. Yehey! May kasama n akong girl.. Thanks bru! But sad story, she wasn’t able to run due to sickness. So the NEO Runners were just three that day. Muntik pa nga maging dalawa lang, Vinci is late - he is from the very far Bay, Laguna. Sugod agad sa start line, no warm-up. Good job Vinci!
I have no idea how far 10k really is. What’s all in my mind is it’s just twice the 5k I ran almost a month ago. I finished it injury free without practice. Why not in 10k? Hahaha.. Pampalakas ng loob. This is it. Just enjoy the run. The first 3km of my race was good. But as I go farther, my feet were complaining. I’m tired especially when I’m in the middle of Kalayaan flyover (it’s my first time to pass along that flyover) and I feel so irritated because of the girl thingy. I started to walk. It feels like my feet were giving up but I don’t want to. I want to finish this first 10k so I do the run-walk method. Hey! It’s effective. Hahaha. But, that’s not advisable. I finished it about 1:18:xx. The bad thing is I don’t have a chance to know my official time. My name is not listed in Mizuno Official Race result due to timing chip error. How can I join the “beat your own pace” next year? Waah! Sayang! But then, I’m happy for my First Finisher’s shirt.
Never Settle! (NEO Runners with Franz’ friend, Rex)
July 3, 2011 - Yamaha Run for Heroes. Nice choice! A run for a cause indeed. Heroes Foundation was the beneficiary of this event. This time, I don’t have that girl thingy with me. All is well except that Pamela was unable to run the second time around. The reason is.. Tons of work.. (That’s why I go out of Samsung.) Aish! She’s wasting her money in signing up and not showing up in the race. (Ayusin mo buhay mo bru! Hahaha..) Here, I finished 10k in 1:18:36. Not bad for a second timer.
Nice to meet another NEO Runner (Quincy) plus a high five to Sir JP (for his First 10k)..

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