Vote for Goldy as the Trail Runner of the Year 2012

Hello my fellow runners!

For almost two years that I'm into running, I'd done numerous races on the road and trails. But running along different trails is one of a kind. There, I can reflect and get closer to nature. I can see all the beauty that it could offer. God is so sweet to let me be one of the finalists in the Trail Runner of the Year 2012 Award.
-Leg 1 (Collage made by Pimco)-
-Leg 2 (photo by Ella)-
-Leg 3 (photo by Norphl)-
The Trail Runner of the Year Award is a groundbreaking avenue that recognizes individuals who made a remarkable impact in the world of trail running. There were 5 runners chosen in different categories (Male and Female for 10k and 21k) but only one in each category will win. The award will be given based on the time and performance in the Nature's Trail Discovery Run (60%) and by votes of runners who participated in the event (40%).

It's an honor to be chosen among other runners so I am humbly asking for your support. Kindly vote for me!  Vote for GOLDY. Here's how:
1.  Visit the Pimco Sports Events website:
2.  Login using your registered username or Facebook account. If you are not yet registered, you need to sign-up first.
-Pimco Homepage. Login Button on the upper right-
Sign-up here!
2. Sign-up sheet will prompt you. Enter the information needed (Username, Password, Confirm Password and email) then click next.
-Sign-up Sheet-
-Dont forget to Answer YES as PTRA Member if you already joined any of the 3 NTDR Legs-

3. After you've entered all the necessary information, click sign-up and you are automatically logged in. A link will be sent to your email and need to be verified.
4. You should see the ONLINE VOTING Tab afterwards. If it doesn't appear, feel free to send a message to Pimco via Facebook, include your registered username for them to check. (It will take some time for the ONLINE VOTING Tab to appear since your registration as PTRA Member is for confirmation. Wait for their advice if it's OK or try to refresh the page).
3. Click on the ONLINE VOTING Tab and vote for Dela Cruz, Goldy for the 21k Female Category. You can only vote ONCE. Voting online starts on Dec 19 and ends on January 3.
Dont forget to select Dela Cruz, Goldy for the 21k Female as shown

Your vote is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot for supporting me. Cheers!