Sun Fun Run 2012 - A Bright Finish!

Last Saturday, Sun Cellular held its Sportsfest Closing Fun Run at BGC. It was part of Sun's annual sports fest exclusive for employees. Runrio Inc., as the event partner, made it looked like a major race since it was well-organized.

There were 3 categories to choose from: 3km, 5km and 10km. I ran 5km since I was straight from my night duty that day. According to my Soleus watch, I ran 5km in 26 mins 28 seconds. Wow! I ran fast again. My Elixirs flew me to the finish line. It made me the 1st female finisher and I loved it! A bright finish indeed.
-proud  runner of Team Rock and Road-
My officemates, Jan and Nel also joined the fun run. Jan bagged the 1st place in 10km (for the 3rd time) while Nel was 2nd Female in 3km. Group D powerhouse huh. :)
-with Jan and Nel-
After the race, we had a buffet breakfast at the event tent. Awarding of winners in different sports was also conducted to officially close the sports fest. Thanks to our management for letting us live healthy and fit. We're looking forward to the next one. :)
-Jan also got a medal being one of the Mythical 5 and a trophy for their basketball team as 1st runner up-

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