Studio 23 Brave Mudders - Done!

Event: Brave Mudders - Trail Run with Obstacles
Venue: Nuvali, Santa Rosa City
Organizer: Studio 23
Date: October 21, 2012

While most of the runners were off to a usual road race, few of us decided to head for the trails. We joined the Brave Mudders in Nuvali.

The Brave Mudders Race was a combination of trail run and obstacle course. It's not just a run for fun but it also tested the runners skills and endurance.

We encountered different obstacles along the route. Below photos will speak about it.
-Balance in the Beam-

-Military Crawl-

-Break the wall!-
-Carry me!-
Me, holding a water bottle during mud dash but...
I slipped and fell in the mud! haha..
So.. goodbye water bottle huh!
-I braved the mud!-
Woooh.. Those obstacles challenged me. Thank God for bringing me to the finish line. I ran 10km in 1 hour and 6 minutes, that made me ranked 2nd among female finishers. Yey! It was a great back-to-back run with Sun Fun Run.

Congratulations to all runners who braved the mud too!

*All photos were taken by Running Photographers

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