Immuvit Leg 3 Review: No Turning Back!

I was so busy for the past weeks but when I was invited to run in Immuvit Leg 3 in Nuvali last Saturday, even though with short-notice, I still said "Yes!". Running is really my outlet when I'm stressed.

No turning back! As what this leg implies since its the finale. It was indeed different from the previous 2 legs.

Immuvit Leg 3 was not an ordinary road race. It was a trail run with an obstacles along the course. I missed the first two legs so I was clueless on what runners would encounter.

Allan, Elvin and I arrived in the venue at exactly 5 AM. We got a lot of time to warm up, relax, photo ops and roam around the area while waiting for our wave start.
-With Allan, while waiting near the starting line-

There were 2 categories : 16km and 8km, each has eight waves of runners. The first wave started about 6:10AM. There was a 10-minute interval per wave. Allan belong to the wave 6 of 16km, while Elvin and I in the wave 6 of 8km.
-with Elvin-

Our wave started at 9AM. Waaaah! The weather was so hot. It doubled the challenge. We ran under the sun.

The first obstacle that we passed by was the Fire Wall. We jump as high as we could to avoid the fire.
-A against the fire- (photo credits: Sigue Correr)
It was followed by climbing a slippery wall. That's what they call it an Oil Wall.

Tire Mountain came next. For me, it was the easiest part of the obstacles.
-Jazzrunner did it!- (photo credits: Tong Pascua)
I'd been running in Nuvali's road for a long time but  it was my first time to hit its trail. I don't even know that there's a river hiding in that place. I'm so thankful that Immuvit included it as part of our route. This River Crossing made the race more exciting.
-(Group pic with some runners while crossing the river c/o RJ Knight Runner) In running you'll never be alone. You will always got a chance to bump with anyone.-
-Two thumbs up for the adventure (photo credits: Sigue Correr)-
After river crossing, our journey continued in the unpaved roads. I was almost dehydrated that time. Unfortunately, there were no remaining waters in the hydration stations that I passed by so I  had no choice but to run.

We also climbed the Military Wall. I was lucky I got two long legs which made that wall climbing easier.

We also did a Military Crawl. Woooh! It made me reminisced my high school days huh. The CAT part specifically.
-Military Crawl Obstacle- (photo credits: Sigue Correr)
We also passed a Five-Feet Flood. It was not a man-made obstacle. I think that flood was caused by the continuous rain for the past days prior to the race day.
-Is it a swim part? Hahaha.. (photo credits to Spongebob Runner)-
After being soaked in that flood, we are also challenged to jump into the Ice Pool. Woooh! It was so cold.
(photo credits: Sigue Correr)
I didn't notice that I am close to finish since I enjoyed the obstacles along our way. How I wish I could extend the route. Nabitin sa 8k? Haha..
-on my way to the finish line (photo credits: Jose Tuason)-
I also bumped with Coach Jim Sarret after the race.
-with Coach Jim Sarret (photo credits : Aquiz)-
Overall, Immuvit Trail Run was fun. I want more! Congratulations to the organizers and also to all the runners who took part for its success.

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