Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

You will never know what's best for you unless you tried different running shoe, so when I heard about Wave Inspire 8 and Mizuno Philippines asked me to try it,  I was all for it.
-Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 in Aqua/Lime-
I went to Mizuno store in Magallanes to get my shoes. An Elixir 7, a light stability shoe, also called my attention. It would be best for short distance running since it has less cushioning. I hope I could try it soon but  for now, since I want a shoes that I can use to run long distances, I go for the Wave Inspire 8. I got a size 8.5 womens since Mizuno's sizing is standard. It perfectly fit in my feet. Some brands offer a half size too small or big, making an online purchase a nightmare.
-You won't forget how to call your shoe-
I'd been using my Wave Inspire 8 for one month now and I have fallen in love with it. It is made for runners, including me, who moderately overpronate. I can't believe it is a stability shoe because it's light yet it still have enough cushioning that I need.

My first race with it was the 16km in the Regent Fun Run. It performed well. The upper part allows enough air for my feet. I can still remember when I accidentally stepped into a puddle. I continued running and it quickly dried. It didn't cause any blisters at all. It also offers an AP+ midsole for increased rebound and a harmonious ride. Another thing is it compounded the VS1 technology for shock absorption. They were stable throughout my run. I also like its Aqua/Lime combination. It's so gorgeous huh!
-Sorry for the grit! I already used this shoe for a month.-
Unlike the other brands, it's heel is different. There's just a support in the curved edge, instead of a solid one, obviously, to minimize it's weight.

For me, Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 is a perfect racing shoe while I am training with my heavier New Balance. As what they said, I must train heavy and race light. However, it might not provide enough support for people who heavily overpronate. They could try other Mizuno shoes, like Wave Nirvana, which is absolutely designed for heavy pronation. I also highly recommend that you undergo gait analysis before buying shoes.


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