Marathon is Sweeter the Second Time Around

It is really a dream come true when I finished my first marathon last March. I know it doesn't end there. It would be just another chapter in my life as a runner. I just earned the right to be called a Marathoner. And now, I am ready to run another freaking 42.195 kms. I'm ready to face another challenge. I will run with my heart. Every race is different. But one thing is sure. Every second, every moment, every sweat, every pain, every tears (surely it would be tears  of joy) will be worth it specially when shared with great friends. I'll be running with my very supportive and loving team mates. Let's rock the road Team Rock & Road. :)

All set!
This is it.. The moment that everyone is waiting for.. The biggest & longest running event in our country will happen tomorrow. The 36th National Milo Marathon. See you!

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