My Independence Run (Boni to Santa Rosa)

I can't remember how many times I commuted from boni-starosa or vice versa. As much as I wanted to celebrate the independence day through my passion, I decided to try running through this route. I was supposed to start running at 630am, our timeout in office. But due to unexpected instances, I get out around 730am and started running about 8am. Am I crazy? The sun is up although there were chances of rainfall. Hmmm.. Nothing can stop me from this.
I am ready to run under the sun.. (along JP Rizal Extension Road)
The Pasig River view from JP Rizal Extension Road
passing along BGC
Happy Independence Day! (nice pose with the Phil flag)
view from the top of CP Garcia Road
along C5
I passed along TUP Taguig
I didn't missed a chance to grab Pocari Sweat!
I passed along EDSA, JP Rizal Extension Road, Lawton Ave, BGC, Market2x, CP Garcia Road, C5, East Service Road, National Road, Rizal Blvd and so on.I ran under the scorching heat of the sun, encountered the freaking dust, and some smoke-belching vehicles alongside. Woooh! But it feels so good I survived. Thank God! I ran 36.67km in 5hrs 23mins.

In running, we can go any direction that we want. As long as we are in the right way, no one can stop us. That's what I really love in it. The Freedom.. Happy Independence Day Everyone! :)

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