Running Bloggers and Photographers goes to South

Last Saturday, I joined the Greenfield City Run bloggers and photographers in Greenfield City, Santa Rosa. Thanks to Sir Rovic and to Greenfield for making this tour happen.
We arrived at Pramana Residential Park around eight in the morning. The sun is up but no one can stop us running on the paved road in the South. But Sir Rovic first discussed about the Greenfield City Run. Please click HERE for the race info.
After that, we prepare ourselves then we're ready to run!
We ran one loop around the park or a total of 2.36 kms in 17 minutes.

After a short and relaxed run, runners turned out into models. Cameras are everywhere. The photographers didn't missed a chance to capture the beauty of the place and the moments there. Below photos speak so much about it.
We really had fun in Pramana even for just a short period of time. In fact, some managed to jump into the pool and swam for about 15 minutes huh.

Our day doesn't end in Pramana. We also goes to Paseo de Santa Rosa. Paseo is well-known in terms of outlet, most specially, sport's outlet. You can buy items there on sale. That's what I loved in Paseo. I am a budget conscious runner so I prefer to shop there most of the time. But this time, I'm not ready for any shopping so we just roamed around and window-shopped.

We had our sumptuous lunch at Ryuma Japanese Restaurant. There were raffles and giveaways that completed our day! :)


 Thanks to Jojo, RJ Knight Runner, Yongsky and Aquizzed Snaps for the photos above.

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