Alay - Lakarun 2011

September 25, 2011, Santa Rosa City. I’m in a graveyard shift for two weeks of late September so I don’t have any plan to register for any run falling on that week. But temptation is everywhere! Our City Government organizes an Alay-Lakarun 2011 for the benefit of out-of-school youth scholars. My family is very much aware in my passion for running since I keep on telling them my experiences in every distance I finished. Because of that, my sister asked me to run 5k in this event. Oh my! Knowing that I have duty a night before and my shift is overlapping with the schedule of that run, I decided to join. (Bahala na! If God will permit, I will run! Offset? Undertime? Or run only in my dreams.. Hahaha..)

Sept 24, I went to office for my duty with all my running stuffs with me. (Girl scout! D b nga? If God will permit, I will.) Because God is really good, I was allowed to go out early Sept 25. I traveled from Boni way back to Santa Rosa and ran in a rush to hit the start line before it’s too late. My sister is already there in the venue to join the alay-lakad (another part of the Alay-Lakarun) and take charge of my belongings while I’m running. It was my first time to join a fun run in our very own place Santa Rosa. After 1 week of zero mileage due to my injured left leg, here I am again on the road. I finished 5k in 28:36, a new PR for me plus I rank 5th among female finishers. Wow! It’s really nice to be back. :)